About us

Big Bullet Records' Site contains info on creating, recording and designing albums. Links on various albums they have created and budding artists they have catered to are also mentioned. Since 2008, not so much has changed on the site.

Big Bullet Records started in the spring of 2008 as a means to motivate and unify local musicians in the Shepherdstown, W.Va area has quickly developed into a vast network of passionate musicians and artists. It has steadily evolved into a collective of talented people that help each other create, record, and design albums. This community has truly become a family that is extremely proud of each artist they have affiliated with, be they full-time touring acts or small town D.I.Y. heroes.

Some of the recording artists Big Bullet Records cater to are; The Dreadful Horoscope, Dandelion Snow, The Demon Beat, Prison Book Club, Jude Universer, Black Fag, Tucker Riggleman, Orchestral Score, Andrew LaCara and more.